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Optimization of the new release new CPU support AMD OverDrive

OverDrive as an integrated system of adjusting the official AMD optimization software can not only monitor every component of the state at any time, can optimize performance, ensure stability, which is the preferred tool for overclocking AMD players.

Recently, AMD OverDrive 3.2.3 officially released the latest version, a description is to download the file name back aod_3-2-3-0457_setup_english.exe, looks a bit like a plain English version, but through the actual installation point of view, it is multi-language versions, with the Simplified Chinese interface, you can rest assured that use.

New software update include:

1, the amendment can not disable the AMD 840T processor Turbo Core functions BUG

2, solution can not AMD 840T processor core multiplier overclocking problem

3, improved the memory representation of the serial number

优化新CPU支持 AMD OverDrive发布新版

release time :2010-8-9
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