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AMD Introduces World's fastest CMOS transistors
  AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) announced that it has successfully developed a switching speed of the fastest CMOS transistors to date. This transistor gate length of 15 nm (nanometer) (or 0.015 microns). AMD plans to use this one kind of transistor development of a new generation of microprocessors.

---- For AMD, this is a new milestone, indicating the ability of the company within a decade will increase in the number of transistors per chip, 20 times, so that microprocessor performance times. AMD will be at the 2001 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) published a paper on the study. 2001 International Electron Devices Meeting is the world's leading conference, attended by all professional engineers and scientists in the semiconductor, the meeting scheduled for December 4 in the U.S. capital Washington.

---- AMD 15-nanometer transistors Although this is only a prototype, but it is very important because this transistor AMD need to use 30 nanometer process technology development to manufacture chips for mass production in 2009, about the chip. According to AMD's product development plans show that 30 nm (or 0.03 micron) process technology can be applied to 300mm wafer.

---- AMD technology development, Dr. Craig Sander, vice president, said: "We are committed to technology development, AMD's transistor design to maintain its leading position in the industry. In other words, this advanced technology will help us develop the growing performance powerful processor. transistor technology is the microprocessor of the "engine" for high-performance processors to provide the necessary impetus. AMD to understand this point and therefore increasing scientific research budget, to ensure that our world-transistor technology advanced level. "

---- AMD's 15 nanometer transistor by the company's Submicron Development Center development. This 0.8 volts (V) transistors using CMOS technology, switching speeds of up to 0.3-ps, which is 3.33 trillion per second (trillion) cycles. The successful development of 15 nanometer transistors clearly show the size of transistors will continue to shrink.

---- Craig Sander, said: "AMD has plans to complete development of the transistor, the successful development of 15 nanometer transistors is an important part of the whole scheme. The vision of not only strengthen our confidence in long-term development strategy, but also for our for other derivative technology, to meet short-term needs. AMD is the first published technical information related to this area to demonstrate the strength of the semiconductor company, which is something we are proud of the achievements. "

About AMD

---- AMD is the business worldwide supplier of integrated circuits, designed for personal / network computer and communications markets produce microprocessors, flash memory, and communications and networking devices and other products in the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia It has factories elsewhere。 AMD was founded in 1969, the United States and the Standard & Poor's and other Fortune 500 companies, selected one.

---- AMD is headquartered in California, Sunnyvale, 2000 sales of 46 billion U.S. dollars. (NYSE: AMD).

---- AMD, AMD Arrow logo and combinations thereof, are Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'s Trademark.
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