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Open II nuclear quad-core Phenom die 970 cracked six-core

Back in August, there is news that AMD has prepared a Phenom II X4 970 processor, C3 step of the Deneb core, is the fastest AMD quad-core processors. However, there has recently been revealed, Phenom II X4 970 There is another version of the processor, using the Zosma core, but the version of the Phenom II X4 970 major OEM manufacturers for the supply, Deneb core retail version.

Phenom II X4 970 frequency of 3.50GHz, with E0 stepping Zosma core, shielded by the two core from Thuban, OPN is HDZ970FBK4DGR. Zosma core Phenom II X4 970 from the BIOS of the ACC is activated by the two core shielded, as a six-core processor.

开核不死 羿龙II四核970T成功破解六核

release time :2010-11-1
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